Suez Canal Conspiracy.

Evergreen - connections to Hillary, Barack and the prophecy.

The Prophesy

The Evergreen - H3RC Suez Canal incident prophesied

by Robin D. Bullock


Watch the short video clip of the prophecy & decide for yourself...

coincidence or divine communication?

* full prophecy can be watched here.

The Conspiracy

So much conspiracy theory talk related to this incident is exploding all over the internet & social media outlets.

  • Evergreen - Hillary Clinton's Secret Service code name & the name of the shipping company for the cargo ship Ever Given.

The Q-cult has made outrageous accusations connecting Hillary Clinton & others to a sex trafficking ring using shipping containers. In this incident they are saying there is a connection with Evergreen & human trafficking.

There is NO evidence that Evergreen nor Ever Given are connected & involved in sex trafficking. There is however a lot of evidence that human trafficking takes place often using shipping containers. It has become an ever increasing problem that new technology has been developed to detect these types of smuggling.

According to data in 2019 it was estimated that about 37,000 people, daily are “displaced” during these smuggling attempts using shipping containers. The majority of these “refugees” are woman.

One does not need to be an expert in the field to surmise that a large majority of these “refugees” are being sex trafficked.

The Conclusion

I have never been a person to jump in full throttle over any conspiracy theory, but I do love to delve into the details as they unfold.

From JFK to 911 there has been enough evidence, witnesses & expert testimonies that have altered my approach to the main stream news stories we are told to believe. Even in the Q-cult following there are nuggets of truth, unfortunately I am not as confident with many of their theories as time has not been good to their predictions.

We will see where this story goes. I do believe after watching both the short clip & the full church service videos of Robin D. Bullock that his heart is pure, his prophecy holds true. I will place my trust in God’s plan & pray accordingly.

Author: CitizenOne