Shocking Interview!

Expert reveals the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop.

The John-Henry Westen Show


John interviews Jack Maxey who tells him that there is massive amounts of meta-data that proves the contents of the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. There is no doubt to him who the owner of the laptop is.

Maxey goes into details about the content of the laptop, how Hunter implicated Joe Biden essentially monetizing his office and position in government.

Much of the interview covers a lot of what many of us already knew - if you have been listening to previous interviews or Rudy Giuliani’s podcast and briefings.

Watch the full interview here.

The connections and corruption is vast, spanning multiple countries. As devastating as the information is, it is shocking how the Biden’s and their connections have been able to bury this from the American people.

If you are not familiar with the investigation happening in the Ukraine where Joe Biden was listed in the criminal case, you can watch the press conference and read the detailed evidence released by NABU Leaks.

Please read, watch & share the information everywhere because the MSM and the Deep State are working overtime to cover this up!

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