Seeing 2020 - The Movie

America's Front Line Doctors - exposing the science of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Censored Science

of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AFLDS doctors Ricard Urso and Robin Armstrong as well as film producer Dr. Court Koshar and director Adam Mariner will be in attendance for Q&A following the movie screening.

According the email received, there will be 3 showings in Texas over the weekend. See the image below for details. I will also include the Eventbrite links for each showing.

  1. Dallas, TX screening

  2. Houston, TX screening

  3. Georgetown, TX screening

If you are in the Texas area or can make it to Texas for the weekend, I encourage you to attend!

Also, if you do attend please share images, videos and feedback about the event either here or send them to

To schedule a screening locally:


Author: Citizen One - PJ Report