Mar 22, 2021 • 1M

The Feed - Podcast

Episode - [1] The Alpha, A short greeting. The Feed Needs You!

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Discussion of hot topics of the day/week in the political & cultural world.

Welcome to… The Feed!

We are looking for community submissions to The Feed Podcast & also to PJ Report Briefings. Listen to the short message for details.

In the coming months we plan to kick off both platforms, posting here on our Substack page & also other outlets like Rumble (where we have a presence already). If you have always wanted a voice & just need to express your thoughts, frustrations or stretch your curiosity… then this is your opportunity!

Gather your best mic & record the news - from world topics, interviews, all the way down the rabbit hole into the latest conspiracy… we want to hear it!

Until next time, this is Citizen One signing off.