Indonesia Burning!

Explosion of the the refinery - accident?...

Pertamina (Indonesia state owned oil company) experienced a massive explosion that shook the ground for miles, sending massive flames, debris and smoke into the air!

Few were injured, with hundreds being evacuated from the area.

A few citizen journalists capture short footage of the event. Here is a compilation of a few clips that highlight the extent of the explosion. In one part you clearly hear a person running from the area shouting, “Allahu Akbar” meaning, "God is greater" or "God is greatest." The phrase, known as takbir in Arabic which has been “tainted” by Islamic extremists who use it often during a terror attack.

Was this a terrorist attack?…

Huntsman on Twitter shares some incite.

Could this possibly be a planned assault on Taiwan resources from the CCP?

Muhammad Farjad on Twitter goes even further

Do these recent calamities have something in common?

All these events have lead to many outlets reporting a jump in oil pricing, delays & shortages. Is this a plan to drive up the cost of oil & gas? Possibly an “Agenda 2030” “Great Reset” plan in motion?

We do know that oil must fall for the “One World” “Build Back Better” plot to progress. What say you, is this all a conspiracy theory or are you ready to enter this rabbit hole?…

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Author - Citizen One